ADEM is both a research and an investment program. Led by prof. dr. Bernard Dam, and supervised by a 3TU/ECN Steering Committee and a Program Board of industrial partners and government.

The goal of ADEM is to research and develop materials needed for the transition towards sustainable energy resources. This goal is pursued by:

ADEM members

ECN and 3 Universities of Technology of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente

Industrial partners

Industrial partners can participate with cash or in-kind contributions of 10% or higher in ADEM’s research and make use of the shared research infrastructure.

For more information, please refer to the Facility Sharing page.

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

ADEM Innovation Lab strengthens the Dutch knowledge economy with joint expertise and an open and shared research infrastructure. The program aims to materialise innovations in energy technologies in close collaboration with industry.

For this reason the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs supports this initiative with 30 M€, equally divided between scientific research projects and advanced research facilities.

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