New Annual Report for 2018

Preface   This Annual Report takes a look at the 2018 activities under the banner of ADEM. ADEM stands for Advanced Dutch Energy Materials. In ADEM, ECN; Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, now part of TNO, the Technical University of Delft, the Eindhoven University of Technology, and the University of Twente joined forces in … Read More

ADEM CONFERENCE 2019 Later This Year

The ADEM 2019 Conference not to be held at the end of January The ADEM conference originally announced for January 31 and February 1 will be held at a later date this year. Unlike the previous ADEM conferences, we aim for the 2019 ADEM Conference to be of a broader scope; linked to Innovative Energy … Read More

Innovation and Utilization of ADEM research – Call for Proposals

One of ADEM’s key objectives is to actively explore the innovation and utilization potential of its research. For that reason, the ADEM steering committee makes €366,800 available to actively explore the innovation and utilization potential of both already completed and on-going ADEM research. Open call: Round 1 – autumn 2017 Deadline: Wednesday December 20, 2017 … Read More


The next ADEM-conference: 1 and 2 February 2018 We are very happy to announce the first of a series of three ADEM conferences in the concluding two years of the ADEM program. This Conference will take place in the Beach Hotel in Scheveningen. Please save the date: February 1th and 2nd 2018. All ADEM consortium … Read More


The fifth ADEM-conference Like the previous one, this Conference will again take place in the Beach Hotel in Scheveningen, on 2 and 3 February 2017. The interaction of ADEM consortium members is our priority. All PhD candidates, project leaders, theme coordinators, industrial representatives, and experts are invited for a lively event with much interaction and … Read More

Delft Spectral Technologies, an ADEM spin-off: “Roll out the technology worldwide”

Fast Optical Measurement System (FOMS): this is the name given to the tool for assessing the spectral characteristics of solar cells, and is developed and manufactured by Delft Spectral Technologies. Co-founder Jimmy Melskens laid the groundwork for the company while he was doing research at ADEM. Electronic effects The technology developed by Delft Spectral Technologies … Read More


ADEM researchers publish dozens of articles each year in leading national and international scientific journals. In each issue of this newsletter, Eyecatcher highlights two outstanding recent papers. This time: Martijn de Lange on metal-organic frameworks and Emanuela Negro on fuel cells. From basic principle to practical application The title of Martijn de Lange’s thesis and … Read More

ADEM Society

The ADEM Innovation Lab is the working home of several dozen researchers. But who are they, and what exactly do they do here? In each issue, the column ‘ADEM Society’ introduces two of these researchers. This time Claire Ferchaud and Emanuela Negro bring us up to date on their work, its wider relevance and its … Read More

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Annual Report 2018

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