ADEM 2018 Conference

We look forward to welcome you at the ADEM 2018 Conference.

Please REGISTER before 25 December 2017.

First day program

• Thursday February 1, 2018.

16:00 ‑ 16:45

Welcome for PhD students, ADEM researchers, and laboratory staff, time to hang your posters on the wall

17:00 ‑ 17:15

Welcome speech by Bernard Dam, scientific director ADEM

17:15 ‑ 18:30

Andre ten Elshof, UTwente: 
2-Dimensional Metal Oxide Nanosheets and their Applications in Energy Conversion and Storage

18:30 ‑ 20:00

Dinner, informal

20:00 ‑ 21:30

Meeting ADEM Innovation Call (on invitation only)

20:00 ‑ 22:45

Informal after-dinner meeting and drinks

Second day program

• Friday morning, February 2, 2017

09:00 ‑ 09:30

Welcome for industrial partners and sponsors

09:30 ‑ 09:45

Kick-off with Bernard Dam, scientific director ADEM

09:45 ‑ 10:15

New ADEM facilities in the spotlight
David Smeulders, TU Eindhoven: DARCY

10:15 ‑ 11:15

Peter Vaessen, DNV.GL / TU Delft:
How Sustainable Energy drives Innovation

11:15 ‑ 11:45

New ADEM facilities in the spotlight
Swapna Ganapathy, TU Delft: NMR

12:00 ‑ 13:00

Walking lunch, facilities and project gallery

12:00 ‑ 13:00

Network lunch ADEM Steering Committee and Program Board (on invitation only)

• Friday afternoon, February 2, 2017

13:00 ‑ 14:30

Research presentations

Meng Zhao, post doc TU Delft (KMS):
Design of stable metal membranes for hydrogen separation from gas mixtures
Giacomo Struzziero, post doc TU Delft (WIND):
Processing induced effects & Erosion behaviour of coatings & composites
Kai Coenen, aio TU Eindhoven (KMS):
Sorbent Development on the Basis of Kinetics, and Mass- and Heat- Transport Phenomena in Sorption-Enhance Processes at Elevated Temperature

14:30 ‑ 15:00

Tea break

Luc Raijmakers, aio TU Delft (Batterijen):
Sensorless temperature measurements leading to advanced Battery Management Systems
Gianluca Limodio, aio TU Delft (Zon):
Implantation and low-temperature diffusion steps for solar cells and light sensors

16:00 ‑ 17:00

Joint reflection at informal reception

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