# 8 / August 2013

Photovoltaic research equipment in Delft

ADEM invests in advanced equipment, to build a shared and open Innovation Laboratory specialized in research on materials used in energy conversion, energy storage, and energy transport. A good example of this can be found within the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group (PVMD) at Delft University of Technology. Here the Amigo cluster tool; a radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RF PE-CVD) machine, enables a wide range of experimental projects. read more >>


Annual report 2012

The annual report 2012 is a lively report of the progress in the ADEM program with results and achievements that we share with great pleasure! 2012 also was a year of organizational changes and a transformation of the program into a Green Deal.

If you have not received a printed report by mail yet, you can either sent an e-mail with your postal address to or download a PDF version here.

If you have any question about the projects or facilities, or if you wish to become engaged in the program, do not hesitate to contact us.


Steering Committee

In its meeting of 2 August, the Project Board prepared the requests for advice for the Program Committee.
In view of the expected positive industrial contribution, the group has also asked the Heat theme to update its program with new or modified proposals.
Stephen Picken is resuming his role as theme coordinator of Fuel Cells, after having been replaced by Eduardo Mendes for a while.
Rinze Benedictus has been appointed theme coordinator for Wind, succeeding professor Adriaan Beukers, who has retired.
As of today, Tim van der Hagen has joined the Program Board, which is why the Board of Delft University of Technology has been asked to search for a successor for Tim in the Steering Committee.


Program Board

The ADEM Program Board will meet the 6th of September. The ADEM Program Board will advise on the submitted plans for infrastructure investments (4), research projects (15), and on the organizational instruments proposed for Facilty Sharing.
Next newsletter we will inform you about the results.


PhD Committee

The start of a new academic year brings back all our committee members. So we planned a meeting with the ADEM PhD Committee on the 12th of September. The PhD Committee will inform us on ideas and concerns that PhD's have regarding the ADEM program. The PhD researchers are the heart of our operation! So if you have a suggestion or question about the program; its facilities, ways of information exchange within or between themes, the visibility of ADEM to the public, the way we can reach out to all participants in ADEM, then please sent an email to so we can use your feedback in the upcoming PhD Committee meeting.


Facility sharing

We aim to place the below listed ADEM facilities on our website, along with a short description, specifications and what they can typically be used for. Contact information for use of the equipment will also be registered.

  • Setaram High Pressure (HP) Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Thermogravimetry (TG) + OmniStar Mass Spectrometer
  • Equipment for partial IEC61215 and 61730 solar module characterisation (degradation in module performance after testing)
  • ps laser (Pharos) met "R2R" optie + Q-sys 4-axis motion control
  • Hitachi SU70 High resolution (HR) Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope (FEG-SEM) + Oxford Aztech element analysis (EDX) and crystallographic orientation analysis (EBSD)
  • Hitachi S3700 Scanning Electron Microscope with large chamber + Oxford Aztech element analysis (EDX) + Hitachi IM4000 Ion Milling
  • e-beam evaporation system
  • Quantachrome Autosorb iQ-C + temperature programmed desorption
  • Pyroprobe GC-MS (Da Vinci Europe)
  • FAP LQ400E Linear VHF plasma source for dynamic thin film silicon deposition
  • OptoSolar Spectrale Response with light bias
  • Infrastructure ADEM Green Deal: Tempress reactor FANCY (4-stack process furnace) and Levitech Levitrack thermal ALD reactor
  • Hoge druk Raman opstelling
  • Magnetron Sputtering System for optically active coatings
  • CVD deposition chamber for silicon thin films
  • Tempress Boron deposition oven
  • NMR upgrade 200 MHz
  • XPS (0.5 micron resolution) + glovebox
  • Combined Oxford Instruments CVD/ALD deposition equipment
  • Chemical Looping Apparatus
  • HPLC for catalysts for sustainable fuel production
  • Conversions Inspector for Gas Separations
  • Tempress SiN deposition tool


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