Work in Progress
# 2 / December 2012
Work in progress

Work in progress

ADEM is all about sharing partners expertise and unique equipment for optimal results. At this time several facilities are already in use and more are scheduled. Coming months Scientific director Ruud Schropp and Herman Schoffelen PMO, will tour all locations to get a complete picture of the opportunities of ADEM.

Each newsletter will highlight one of the facilities and the website will be gradually updated with ADEM projects and information about facilities and partners.
The program covers total costs of facility use for ADEM PhD-students. For ADEM partners the investment costs are covered by the program, the costs of facilities are reduced to operational costs only.

For more information about facility use in general please contact Herman Schoffelen.


Sharing - Scanning Electron Microscopy

Each newsletter will highlight an ADEM facility. This month we present a non-identical twin...the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy). Jaco Saurwalt, Director Environment & Energy Engineering, welcomes researchers who wish to use the equipment at ECN. read more >>


Sharing an innovative 2013

ADEM wishes you Happy Holidays and we look forward to sharing a successful and innovative 2013.

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