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ADEM Newsletter # 17 / June 2015
Conferring, being together, people coming and going, stories of celebrations, success and new opportunities…. last month was an interesting period for the ADEM Innovation Lab.
Goodbye, hello and happy to see you again
Bernard Dam
Ruud Schropp, our Scientific Director since 2012, stepped down per 1 June 2015. Ruud is succeeded by a team of two; Scientific Director Bernard Dam (TUD) and Managing Director Hein Willems (ECN).
Both directors will guide ADEM as an Green Deal for the years to come and will help create new opportunities for material research as enabler of innovation in energy applications.
Read more about our new directors >>
Ruud Schropp
Ruud Schropp
parting Scientific director of ADEM (2012-2015) looks back at interesting years, has realised a firm program and looks forward to focus on new research again, freed of possible conflicts of interest as distributor of ADEM funds. 'My heart is in scientific research, primarily for a sustainable energy future'.
Promovendi; new starters, almost there and….. PhD finally
Three PhD students have defended their thesis with success this year; Sjoerd Veldhuis (UT), Jimmy Melskens (TUD) and Martijn de Lange (TUD). We congratulate them on their achievements and will keep in touch when they follow their desired career paths.

The PhD's that started early this year had a great opportunity to connect with their, more experienced, ADEM colleague’s at the conference. They will be introduced in one of the following newsletters.

Several PhD students are in the final stage of their project. Some in the final leg of their thesis and two awaiting their dissertation defence: Michiel de Jong (TUD) will defend his thesis at 22 June, and Davide Scorticati (UT) at 26 June.
Conference 21-22 May
Presentations on PhD career development, presentations on ADEM, what’s next! discussions on recent and future material research, lot's of interaction between the ADEM partners; the ADEM conference brought loads of stuff to talk about.
Workshop on Transport, Transfer and Storage of Heat
7 July we organize a Workshop on Heat

• An overview of the results of ADEM research projects and adjacent research so you are up to date informed.
• Furthermore we will inform you about the plans for a continuation of ADEM in an expanded context.
• The continuation of ADEM asks for discussion on what future research on materials for compact storage and conversion of heat should imply.

Register Here

The workshop is invitation only. If you are interested but did not receive an invitation please contact:
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