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What's happening at the Bridge Deck?

Decisions are often preceded by an accurate review. With this Bridge Deck News, we will keep you up to date on issues in the pipeline. The Steering Committee has reached a number of decisions after thorough review.

April 2013: GDME meeting of the Steering Committee

1. Wednesday 10 April, the Steering Committee discussed the progress of the ADEM programme and the realised contributions of the industrial partners in the individual ADEM themes. It is clear that the realised industrial contributions will amply exceed the threshold of 1.5 M€ over the period 2009-2013. ADEM hence complies with an important subsidy condition of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ) and thus secures the continuation of ADEM. The Program Management Office will draw up a formal report for EZ.

2. Moreover, the themes of Solar (Solar Cells and Modules) and CMS (Catalysis, Membranes and Separations) and the new theme of Batteries are likely to receive substantial new industrial contributions in the second stage of ADEM. These three themes are asked to shortly deliver an updated plan for the open PhD positions and research facilities that should be realised. These new ADEM activities will be commenced as soon as possible after positive advice has been received from the new Programme Council.

3. The Steering Committee discussed the establishment of the new Programme Council. The Programme Council advices the ADEM Steering Committee on the programme structure and research infrastructure and hence steers the research on the basis of the needs of industry (demand-driven). Moreover, the Programme Council advises EZ on the programme and the annual reports of ADEM and thus actually advises on the financing of ADEM. The Programme Council convenes twice per year. The Steering Committee reviews the updated PhD proposals for the period 2013-2017 as well as all investments in research facilities that ADEM can still formally decide on and requests the advice of the Programme Council in this matter.
The organisational structure of ADEM will be as follows:

4. The Steering Committee has discussed the staffing of the Programme Council. The Steering Committee is seeking members with a broad view on the scientific and social developments in energy-related materials research and a broad representation across the themes of the ADEM programme. Members are coming from the companies that deliver a substantial contribution to the ADEM programme and from the Top Teams of the relevant top sectors ‘High Tech Systems and Materials’ (HTSM) and ‘Energy’. The Steering Committee strives to plan its first meeting before the summer. The staffing is still confidential at the moment, but will soon be announced.

5. Facility Sharing continues to be an important item on the agenda of ADEM. Scientific Director Ruud Schropp reported on the various site visits of the shared facilities of the ADEM Innovation Lab. These site visits are addressed periodically in our newsletters. Teams of researchers from the various organisations will be formed to jointly advise on the new and additional investments in related research facilities.

Herman Schoffelen