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If you have a question about the ADEM Round Table please contact:
Herman Schoffelen
Secretary ADEM Programme Council
Email: contact@adem-innovationlab.nl
Telephone: (+31) 65 240 7689

Provisional program

Orangerie Hydepark, Hydeparklaan 10 - 3941 ZJ Doorn

13:45  Arrival, Coffee, tea 
14:00  Opening, brief introduction of participants, short presentation with a few slides presenting results of the ADEM project. 
14:15  Introduction of the workshop: 

‘Conclusions first’ 

The group will be divided in small groups, existing of 3 to 5 persons. 

Question for the groups: What message do we want to convey to improve the materials infrastructure? 

As a group, write down three ‘headlines’ summarizing the central message of the white paper. Each headline written down on a separate sheet of paper. 

14:30  Collecting and clustering the central messages produced by the different groups 
14:45  Mindmapping-session. Collecting content for the white paper by creating a (wall-filling) mindmap around the topics and issues that should be addressed. 

What is strong, what is weak in the current infrastructure situation? (Strength Weaknesses intermezzo with post its) 

15:15  Break, coffee, tea 
15:30  Continuing mindmapping session. What would be the desired situation? 
16:15  Divide into small groups, each group working on the various themes such as: basic, local infrastructure, national infrastructure, EU-infrastructure. Distinguish investments, intellectual support, and running costs.
17:00  Snack 
17:15  Short discussion about the group work. 

Reviewing the mindmap. What are we missing? What should we focus on? (Using sticky dots). Which areas should be elaborated most? 

Conclusions, next steps 

18:00 Drinks, Walking Dinner 
21:00 End of program

Times are indicative. 

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