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An important goal of ADEM is Facility sharing. As this is an economic way to enhance the utilization of a network of research tools; installed at ECN and the three Universities of Technology. As well as to build up joint know-how.

Dutch industry and the government invest in advanced equipment to build an Open Innovation Laboratory specialised in research on materials used in energy conversion, energy storage, and energy transport. This Innovation Lab is a ‘laboratory without walls’; there is no redundancy in expensive equipment.

Facilities are shared by:

At the same time, ADEM provides a solution to the investment gap that currently exists due to the difficulty materials researchers encounter in obtaining the necessary funding for large scientific set-ups.


The other half of the budget is dedicated to advancing the expertise in energy technologies of young scientists in relevant materials research projects.

ADEM investments include equipment to create and analyse surfaces, nanostructured materials and composites, testing equipment and reactor process development tools.

The ADEM facilities are freely available to researchers in ADEM projects as the total costs are already covered. This promotes collaboration and efficient utilisation of the resources. The equipment and the expertise that is available also provide answers to the needs of industrial companies. In return, ADEM expects a modest, but tangible commitment from companies in the programme as a whole.

The ADEM newsletter provides information on specific, shared facilities to promote their utilisation and to stimulate the best results from collaborative research.

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