Within the Solar Cell program the focus is on the enhancement of efficiency and reduction of costs of solar cells.

Novel concepts for increasing the efficiency are investigated at TU Delft, such as creation and manipulation of quantum dots using Si or PbSe to manipulate the bandgap and obtaining efficient carrier multiplication, fabrication of thin layers of luminescent materials to re-shape the incident spectrum, and the development of nanostructured silicon-based absorber materials for stable thin-film Si solar cells. Important issue in the fabrication of c-Si solar cells is the handling of thin wafers. The research was carried out to obtain a better understanding of microstructure, stress development and mechanical properties of the c-Si wafer-based solar cells.

At University of Twente the use of laser for treatment of solar energy materials such as SnO2 transparent electrode is studied.

At TU Eindhoven passivation layers are developed to minimize surface recombination of charge carriers in industrial c-Si solar cells. In 2014 we expect to start three additional projects in the solar cell area in close cooperation with industrial partners that will result in new expertise in solar cell processing and their applications.


Prof. dr. Miro Zeman, Delft University of Technology

Theme Coordinator

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