Within the broad theme of Heat, it was decided to group the ADEM activities around materials for compact heat storage and compact heat engines. Limiting the focus to two system components, which have resembling processes and deploy similar techniques (synthesis of sorption materials, molecular analysis, and Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (TGA-DSC) measurements), strongly enhances the coherence within the theme.


Our projects

In this theme, materials are examined both in an experimenintal and numerical manner. At TU Delft, for example, experiments have been conducted and Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulations have been carried out on the absorption and diffusion of both water and methanol in porous Metal-Organic Frameworks. At University Twente, heat transfer experiments are conducted on surfaces that are covered with Carbon Nano Fibres. Finally, at ECN and at TU Eindhoven, experiments and simulations are conducted on Thermo-Chemical Heat Storage Materials. Particular attention there is paid to changes in the material structure resulting from hydration and dehydration reactions.

The ongoing research is actively communicated at conferences and workshops. Moreover, research leaders are participating in NanoNextNL (TU Delft), IEA-SHC Task 42 and KIC InnoEnergy (TU Eindhoven) and a successful proposal for heat storage with sugar-alcohols has been submitted by TU Eindhoven in the EU FP7 program.

Collaboration with industry exists in related research projects for thermo-acoustic and thermo-chemical heat pumps in paper industry at ECN (supported by SmurfitKappa/IBK/Bronswerk), improvement of regenerators in Stirling engines at University Twente (supported by Nefit/Bosch) and applications for heat storage at ESSENT/TATA Steel at TU Eindhoven.

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